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JP Kadzinski - Artist

French artist JP Kadzinski currently resides in New York, where he produces rhythmic depictions of the thriving city.

Kadzinski's involved, process-oriented approach indicates a distinct visual understanding and innovative photographic technique, while his stylistic touches are humble assertions of a thriving imagination. His passionate, inquisitive diligence makes his art a rewarding opportunity to unearth personal insights in the process of honing his craft.

JP Kadzinski Portrait

Born in a small village in Lorraine, France, JP spent his youth in a landscape characterized by verdant farmland and industrial manufacturing, where the nature-rich town nurtured an exploratory boyhood spent roaming forests and hills. At fourteen he began an apprenticeship at a pipe factory. However, industrial labors lacked the creative, self-actualizing stimulation he needed and by the age of 29, this passionate sentiment took him to Paris, where he found himself in the fields of modeling and advertisement.


While in front of the camera, JP gained insights into composing images through his own intuitive movements and lighting direction. As he now sculpts visuals from an external standpoint, his modeling experience has granted him a perceptively dualistic relationship to the camera. This union of skill and understanding heavily influences JP's aesthetic, which delivers vibrant representations of his explored realities.


His work combines his childhood introspective appreciation of nature with the interactions of a newfound, bustling world outside. The metropolitan environment encourages reflection also on our minuscule yet substantial place in society - a viewpoint that was magnified when he achieved his childhood dream of moving to New York City.

Here, through diligence and intuitive navigation, his ability to infuse vitality into the otherwise predictable has informed his creative process."The camera is both sensitive and adaptable", JP says. "With this tool, I could transform banality into beauty and excitement - something I always found myself desiring from a young age".

JP Kadzinski's oeuvre continues to challenge traditional perspectives shaped by the everyday urban landscape. Generated by a yearning for, and eventual attainment of, a creatively abundant lifestyle, his artwork is saturated with palpably optimistic longing that invites even the most jaded viewer to peer through the liberating lens of hopeful possibility.

JP Kadzinski, Vintage NYC 35X70


35x70 inches



 2018 • April 19 - June 2


Fremin Gallery, NYC


 2022 • September 22-25 

Affordable Art Fair, NYC

 2022 • July 14-17

Hamptons Fine Art Fair

 2022 • March 22-26

Affordable Art Fair, NYC

 2020 • February 21

HLK x Refinery Hotel, NYC

 2018 • October 10

Scope Miami Beach

 2018 • August 2-5

Reveal Int. Art Fair, Saratoga NY

 2017• December 5-10

Scope Miami Beach

 2017 • June 29

Uplift art fair, NYC

 2017 • May 19-21

Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

 2017 • March 30 - April  2

Affordable Art Fair, NYC

 2016• November 29-December 4

Scope Miami Beach

 2016 • May 13-15

Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

 2016• June 23-26

Hamptons Fine Art Fair

 2016• March 31 - April 3

Affordable Art Fair, NYC

 2015• July 10-14

Hamptons Fine Art Fair 

 2015• March 25-29

Affordable Art Fair, NYC

THE_MATRIX 36X70.jpg


35x70 inches


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2021 • May 27


2021 • April 1

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2018 • March 4

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2016 • April 19


2015 • August 6

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